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Quadratic Equations

The name of  the this equations i.e Quadratic comes from "Quads" which means square because variable gets squared (like x2).
It is also known as Equation of Degree 2" (because of the "2" on the x)
Here is the Standard Form of a Quadratic Equation looks like this:
                                                Quadratic Equation

  • ab and c are known values. a can't be 0.

  • "x" is the variable or unknown (you don't know it yet)
  • An example of a Quadratic Equation:
                                            Quadratic Equation
    Here we are giving some more Examples

              In this one a=2b=5 and c=3

                       This one is a little more tricky:
    • Where is a? In fact a=1, as we don't usually write "1x2"
    • b = -3
    • And where is c? Well, c=0, so is not shown.
         Oops! This one is not a quadratic equation, because it is missing x2 (in other words a=0, and that means it can't be quadratic)

    Quadratic Equations


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